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My Menken Music

Did you listen to Dillo’s Diz most recent episode of Theme Park Thursday on The Improviser’s Guide Podcast? No?


Now, at the end of that episode I said I would write a support blog for this episode.

Here within, Brother Dillo’s fave pieces from Menken-Disney soundtracks:

  1. The Little Mermaid – ‘Kiss the Girl’. There’s a triumvirate of greatness here with ‘Part of Your World’ & ‘Under the Sea’. What I like most about ‘Kiss the Girl’ is the build. Sure, ‘Part of Your World’ builds – it’s an ‘I Want’ song, and ‘Under the Sea’ is the showstopper, but ‘Kiss the Girl’ feels like the perfect blend of those two.
  2. Beauty & the Beast – ‘Prologue’. The toughest of all decisions to make. I love ‘Belle (Reprise)’ so much (‘I WANT adventure…’), and I love ‘Belle’ just below that. But the music underneath the words of David Ogden Stiers narration is everything I love – the darkness and the light.
  3. Aladdin – ‘Prince Ali’. I have experienced The Genie dancing hundreds (maybe over a thousand) of dances to ‘Friend Like Me’ in MGM’s now defunct Soundstage Restaurant, but ‘Prince Ali’ – for its theme to Aladdin’s Royal Caravan at the Studios to the dream that this was style of song I would be able to sing is the winner.
  4. Pocahontas – ‘Just Around the River Bend’ . Always preferred this to ‘Colors of the Wind’…
  5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame – ‘Hellfire’. I think this is the greatest thing ever. Frollo nails it. End of story.
  6. Hercules – I talked about ‘I Won’t Say I’m in Love’ in our episode and its throwback to ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, but I was in a lot of ‘Zero to Hero’ Victory Parades – so I’m calling this one a tie.
  7. Tangled… n/a due to one time viewing.
  8. Newsies – ‘Santa Fe’. It’s true. I thought this was a song I could belt.
  9. Enchanted – ‘That’s How You Know’. Tremendous number in what is still a very, very underrated film. I would still want to see a live number play out in a Disney park.

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Brother Dillo


Enjoying a Disney Vacation

It’s hard for people to understand how visiting Walt Disney World could be a vacation. There’s so much to do and see, it seems as if you would have to be on the go the whole time, leaving no room for relaxing. That’s why it’s so important to make time in that crazy itinerary to just chill.

When you have been planning a trip like this for years and you’re not sure when you’ll be back, it’s so hard to imagine not trying to see as much as possible. I totally get that. There’s also the fact that you’re spending a lot of money to be there and you want to make sure it counts.

For me, there are a few key factors when visiting Disney to make it feel like a vacation, especially now that I am traveling with kids. The first and most important thing:

Do Not Keep Them Out All Day Long!

This will definitely result in meltdowns, exhaustion and feeling as though your trip was a waste of money! Take some time in your day. Maybe have a nice breakfast and a leisurely morning at the hotel, head to the parks in the afternoon or vice versa. Or you could have the best of both worlds. Head to the parks in the morning, come back to the hotel for a nap and/or some swimming and head back to the parks at night.

The second thing I like to do to feel in vacation mode:

Indulge in some good food!

It’s hard to have a bad experience in Disney when it comes to food. However, there are definitely a few spots where you can step it up to the next level. If you have it in the budget, have at least one meal splurge (if not more). It’s not something we tend to do on a regular basis, so it makes it more fun doing it while on vacation!

The third, and for now, final thing I like to do to feel in vacation mode:

Talk to the Cast Members!

The Cast Members are fantastic. Their customer service is on point and they are there to make sure you have a magical experience. Ask questions, ask for help if you need it, or just learn about them. Cast Members are from all of the country and sometimes the world. They all have their own stories to tell and can teach you so much in a short conversation. It’s hard for most to get that experience in day to day life.

When I’m on vacation, feeling taken care of by the Cast Members helps me to relax. You should never feel stressed on vacation and they are there to make sure it doesn’t happen!

There are so many ways to enjoy a Disney vacation. Find what works best for you, take some deep breaths and experience the magic!

*If you’d like to hear more on what Dillo’s Diz thinks about Disney’s service, check out our latest podcast by clicking here.


Sister Dillo



Night and Day…You are the One

On yesterday’s Theme Park Thursday episode on the Improviser’s Guide Podcast, we played a little game: AM vs PM.

Wait, what’s that? You didn’t listen. Oh, here’s the link. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Ok, great! Now that you’re up to speed, we can continue…

As I was playing, it was hard not to come up with resort experiences. This probably sounds weird to non-Disney lovers. Then again, non-Disney lovers don’t understand a lot about a Disney addict. They often ask:

Do you go on rides? Yes, and they’re awesome.

Isn’t it just for kids? No, it’s also for the kid at heart.

Is there anything to do at the hotels? Plenty and that is why it was so hard to come up with park experiences during our AM vs PM game!

It was also hard for me to answer AM. Why is that?

Disney mornings are great. The ground is wet, the sun is shining and you know how hot it’ll be for the rest of the day, as soon as you leave your hotel. That’s a great start to your day! But overall Theme Parks at night give that unexplainable feeling and vibe. The nostalgia becomes more prominent. You feel that magic in the air. When you stay up to go on rides, watch fireworks and pass out in a Disney bed while being an acceptable level of exhausted –  nothing can beat that.

Sister Dillo

And The Desserts Lived Happily Ever After…


On the Thursday 2/22/18 episode of The Improviser’s Guide Podcast, we compared the Happily Ever After dessert party at WDW’s Magic Kingdom with the Hollywood (#AlwaysMGM) Studios’ Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party. This blog covers the Happily Ever After party. Click here to read Brother Dillo’s recap of the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular.


The Happily Ever After dessert party is held in the Tomorrowland Terrace at the Magic Kingdom. There are two areas to enjoy the desserts. In the lower area of the terrace, you’re able to sit at a table and remain there during the fireworks. Instead of standing like most of the crowd, you can sit back, drink your sparkling cider and not worrying about anyone possibly pushing you out of the way. If you sit in the upper area of the Tomorrowland Terrace (which is a lower ticket price), you get to enjoy the same desserts but you are escorted to the Plaza Garden Viewing area. We chose the Plaza Garden Viewing area and it was an amazing view.

Let’s talk desserts, because they were delish. I mentioned on the podcast that there was an amazing ice cream creation that my hubby took advantage of. Unfortunately with the time that has passed, we can’t remember the exact name of this sundae (which included the Cast Member’s name) but it was the ultimate sundae! There was a cookie, ice cream, a brownie, more ice cream, whipped cream and every topping. Take a moment and try to overcome the jealousy.

Other desserts included chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, brownies, along with sparking cider, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. It’s dessert heaven!

I definitely feel that Magic Kingdom can step up the experience a bit, but it’s still a great time and I would highly recommend it! It was the perfect way to end our week-long Disney Extravaganza.

Click here to hear more about both dessert parties on Theme Park Thursdays of The Improviser’s Guide Podcast. 


Spectacularly Galacting Desserts

On the Thursday 2/22/18 episode of The Improviser’s Guide Podcast, we compared the Happily Ever After dessert party at WDW’s Magic Kingdom with the Hollywood (#AlwaysMGM) Studios’ Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party. This blog covers the latter. Sister Dillo will post the former. Please note that this happened in January 2018 and not a long time ago in a yada yada yada.

In totality, we spent 75 minutes at the dessert party. We did this one, to maximize the time there and, two, because we had a late reservation at Jiko and needed to consume and digest the delicious offerings early.

I love me some Animation Courtyard. I spent many a shift in the Summer of ’96 watching Sorcery in the Sky from that location. Checking in outside the Star Wars Launch Bay and looking out behind me brought back fond memories.

Whether it was good timing or the norm, entering the Launch Bay and right into a Stormtrooper Meet & Greet blasted me into the full experience. Having worked at the Studios when Star Wars Weekends began, I still see how special it is to get this opportunity – even if it has more frequency.

The food and drink set up was between Rey’s speeder and the staircase to the BB-8 meet and greet. The freeze-fried truffle was the greatest recommendation by more than one cast member and it did not disappoint. The additional treats were standard fare, some themed (it’s light blue!), some boy and that was okay. The open bar was definitely helpful as two fancy named margaritas felt like you were getting some bang for the buck (ass opposed to the MK HEA Dessert Party).

All three queued meet and greets were available; Chewbacca, BB-8, & Kylo Ren. Due to time, we opted for the latter two. As mentioned in the podcast, I cannot race enough about the Kyle Ren meet and greet. It’s so well done. PS if you have a Disney Visa card, make mention, and you’ll be you’re own special experience.

About 35 minutes prior to show you are escorted to the ‘nose’ of Hollywood Boulevard/Chinese Theater (look that one up if you don’t know). You get a little Movie Magic projection pre show. If you miss the finale of The Great Movie Ride, this is an adequate replacement.

Oh, did I mention the free swag? FREE SWAG! The Captain Phasma mug!!!

The Star Wars portion of the Spectacular was everything it should be. Great moments, great soundtrack, very little prequels. As good as Happily Ever After? Nooooooo. But, a great ending to a day at the Studios in line with Sorcery in the Sky and the Osborne Lights… sorry, Fantasmic! You don’t make the cut – another argument for another blog or podcast episode.

Brother Dillo