S2E29: Dillos Drinking and Disney


On this episode of Theme Park Thursday, Jen and Frank discuss Wine Bar George, House of Blues, Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar, The Edison, Oga’s Cantina, Baseline Tap House, Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, the Enchanted Rose, and The Wave. Oh, and we rant and rave a lot about Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, the Oscars, a proposed Muppets attraction, and the Winter.

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Why I’m Still Not Over The End of Toy Story 4

On the February 6th edition of Theme Park Thursday podcast, we took an unexpected turn into the Dillo’s Diz Disney + Corner to discuss the recent Bo Peep short, ‘Lamp Life’. During the discussion, it occurred to me that I still wasn’t really happy with the way ‘Toy Story 4’ ended – even if I cried… both times.

Two days later, i took in my first viewing of ‘Toy Story 4’ on Disney + since my two viewings in the theater last summer. A few things you should know before I continue:

1) I am extremely possessive of what happens in the Toy Story franchise. This is based on my starting date as a Cast Member in Walt Disney World beginning the same month as the 1995 theatrical release, the hundreds of performances of the Toy Story Parade I was involved with, and my overall extensive work with Woody.

Is there a #2…. oh yeah!

2) I consider ‘Toy Story 3’ to be the greatest ending of any trilogy ever… EVER!

If you know Dillo’s Diz, you know we don’t like change. We don’t like it! And ‘Toy Story 4’ is ALL about change. 3 managed to avoid a change by restarting a cycle for the gang of toys when Andy passes the proverbial torch to Bonnie.

And, ya know, I hear cycles can be detrimental to change.

Woody, who we ALL know this entire franchise is about (sorry Buzz), is at a point where he’s making the same mistakes he made in the previous cycle. Loyal to a fault and resistant to the small changes happening around him. In typical fashion of someone resistant to change, Woody tries to show Forky why his importance to Bonnie is so great when he’s really talking about himself, and at the same time realizing his own importance is no more.

And, like the eternal bachelor, when the love of his life steps back in, Woody’s brain starts to open the shutters that have kept him contained within his comfort zone. Watching Woody begin to separate himself from the things that have kept him whole for over two decades; his pull-string, his friends… it becomes increasingly difficult for me to watch. But, parallel to that, the old dog begins to learn new tricks.

When the time finally comes, when Buzz leads Woody into giving himself permission to leave the group…….. hey, we’ve all made decisions like that in one form or another. It’s just not the decision I expected to come from Woody for this group.

(It also didn’t help that a friend who often worked with Buzz while I worked with Woody had passed away a few months before the movie was released)

It’s most definitely a personal thing for me. It’s that reality check this franchise has done so subtly and so well. I know I’ve made the right decisions in my life, but Woody was the totem of that small slither of my brain forever stuck in the past.

Even if in future films, shorts, or specials, Woody and Bo crosses paths with their group for another ride, the dynamic is forever changed.

Brother Dillo (aka @FrankMCardillo)

S2E28: #AlwaysMGM, Walt Disney World MeetUp Part 3

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It’s #AlwaysMGM talk this week on Theme Park Thursday! Jen and Frank discuss Citizens of Hollywood, MuppetVision 3D (#SaveTheMuppets), the Tower of Terror, plus an unexpected journey to the @DillosDiz Disney + Corner. And then from there, Justin and Sam from the Monday Morning Monorail Podcast join in for a little Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge discussion. It’s a REEL-Y big show…see what we did there…reel as in film…because… #AlwaysMGM…

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S2E27: Part Two, Walt Disney World MeetUp


On the 2nd Part of this week’s Theme Park Thursday Episode, Jen & Frank talk about their Saturday at the Magic Kingdom on January 25, 2020, meeting up with their Twitter Ohana, and avoiding a Peoplemover disaster!

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S2E26: Walt Disney World MeetUp, Part 1


Jen and Frank are back from their three day Walt Disney World excursion and there’s just TOO MUCH to pack into a single episode! Today, our long anticipated Beaches & Cream Review, experiencing the Skyliner, a walkaround at Disney’s Riviera Resort, Breakfast on the Boardwalk, and which way do we go! The #2020WDWMeetUp recap has only just begun! It’s Theme Park Thursday!

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S2E25: The Pre-Post-Disney Blues


If you listen as this episode drops, you can hear Jen and Frank cruising at an altitude of 36,000 feet on the way to Orlando and a short stint in Walt Disney World. They chat about Rise of the Resistance anxiety and Menu Prices with a Side of French Fries rant!

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S2E24: Here We Come Orlando, FLU-rida!


Jen has the flu and Frank is making her record a new episode of Theme Park Thursday anyway!  This Week, the runDisney Club, #HSMTMTS, Muppetvision, the old EPCOT, Oscar noms, Inside Out, Mad About You, pronouncing Tailka Waititi, and we’ll be in the Magic Kingdom January 25th!!!

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S2E23: Allow Us to (Re)Introduce Ourselves


We’re finally back and setting the table for 2020 talking the two year old’s birthday, Papa Dillo’s popularity, the Regal Eagle, Mouse Gear, holiday queues, Joy and Sadness, Rise of the Resistance boarding group experiences, resolving our Give Kids the World competition with the Monday Morning Monorail podcast, Jen’s Tik Tok message for Dave, Frank‘s one month illness still plaguing him and… are we going to Disney World?

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The Rise of GIFs

The following blog was written by Jen aka Sister Dillo aka The Younger One. Spoilers will follow.

If you enjoy Star Wars movies, appreciate them but can’t really contribute to an in depth conversation, then congratulations! You’re not alone! That’s exactly who I am!

Today I saw The Rise of Skywalker. As I mentioned above, I can’t really contribute to an in depth analysis of the movie. I wouldn’t dare try. Instead, I’d like to express my feelings through my favorite form of communication: GIFs.

Let’s begin…

The moment I had the idea for this blog came when this face appeared on screen:

Mr. Snydillo and I responded like this:

Being big L O S T fans, we were pretty excited!

When General Hux announced he was the spy, the ‘About Time’ fan that I am felt like this:

YAY Tim!

But then when General Pryde realized he was the spy and “Tim” meets his fate, this was my reaction:

Poor Tim!

Let’s revisit ‘About Time’ again for a moment. Tim (aka General Hux) did so much for you “Lawyer in Play” (aka General Pryde) and instead of repaying him you did what you did:

Moving on

When Lando says: “There’s more of us Poe,” this GIF flashed in my mind:

I think Rey could be considered for the next season of Ninja Warrior with that awesome climbing she did through The Death Star

I wanted to give Chewy a hug with his reaction to Leia

When Ben comes back, I was all

As we near the end, I realized how much I heart Finn and Poe’s bromance

And I love the friendship of Rey, Finn and Poe

The End

Oh, one post movie realization:

Felicity and Sean got to reunite in the same movie #jjfavorites

I don’t know that you’ll find a better review of this movie. If you do, feel free to @ me. Deuuuuuucccceeeesssss

1 Stop Shop: 12 Days of Twitter Ohana

Last month, Theme Park Thursday w/ Dillo’s Diz boldly went where we didn’t think possible. For 12 consecutive days, we talked with friends from our Twitter Ohana; bloggers, vloggers, podcasters… all appearing for the first time!

Here’s the complete list with links and Twitter handles. If you didn’t get to listen to all 12 episodes during the busy holiday season, now is your chance!

The 12 Days of @DillosDiz Twitter Ohana… on Theme. Park. Thursday!!!

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Day 5: @Tombstone_Josh ➡️ https://bit.ly/2tt9wUQ

Day 6: @CrissyMusicO ➡️ https://bit.ly/2rVvxLz

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