The Magic of Disney. . .

Be confused not by the time span between posts. This has been a slow build, three year roll out. But just like most big companies the since 2008, we’ve rebranded and no one will be the wiser…

Dillo’s Diz spans 30 years this in 2011. Winter 1981 was my first time at The Diz, running across an open field that soon became more Hawaiian longhouses in a mid-1980’s Polynesian Village Resort expansion. It took 4 years for me to get back there, and then if we were lucky – a year after that. After that first time, I didn’t have YouTube videos to recall fond memories of attractions I’d been on, no Disney Channel to watch Dateline Disneys yet, not even VHS home videos…we took 8mm!


But after that second visit in 1985, we did manage to purchase this little video collection. It’s delightfully nostalgic, trippy and creepy all at the same time… Enjoy it for now- more later!


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