Be Our Guest

Part of the new Fantasyland experience in the Magic Kingdom includes the new Be Our Guest restaurant, set to open in 2012. A pro, is that this provides another dining experience in Magic Kingdom. In my opinion, MK does not have enough options…along with the whole taking the burgers out of Pinnochio’s thing, but that’s neither here nor there.

From my understanding, Be Our Guest will be quick service by day, and sit down service by night. Seems intriguing, along with the rest of the park, but of course I have my hesitations.

I love The Little Mermaid, I love Beauty and the Beast and I love Disney. I will support any changes made, as long as the feel of Disney remains. It’s hard for me to watch the transition, but at some point it will become the new norm. Kinda like Tomorrowland did, which is once again outdated.

Sista Dillo


2 thoughts on “Be Our Guest

  1. I remember seeing the artwork for it when we went in Novemeber. I’ve eaten at Akershus twice now, which even though is in Epcot-Norway, is set aside for Belle. I’m really hoping they make the place even better.

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