The ‘Cars’ Showcase

I should be clear on something… I didn’t want to see ‘Cars 2’. I saw the first ‘Cars’ once and it’s the only Pixar movie I didn’t care for. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the homage to Americana and – if I have a son – that movie is going to receive multiple viewings which will ultimately lead to multiple purchases and, most likely, a deeper appreciation of the film (I can say this because a case full of Matchbox cars still rests in the parents’ attic – no Hot Wheels for this kid!)…

Digression has already commenced. Bottom line is, the movie is just not my cup of tea. I’m not a car racing fan – so the hook for so many fans in America (and the world) eludes me. I’m also not an Owen Wilson fan (yes, even the sound of his voice). And while McQueen’s was greatly diminished – I’m not a Larry the Cable Guy Fan either.

Never the less, I debated and debated heading out to the theater – it is a Pixar film after all! A tip of the hat to spy thrillers interested me. Michael Caine as a major voice interested me… But, it was the knowledge of a ‘Toy Story’ short prior to the film that sold me (and the fact I’m in Oswego, NY for the summers where movies are a bargain).

This blog is not a review of the film. As always, the minute detailing the animators take in creating the ‘world of the play’ is astounding. And seeing this ‘world’ go all over the world got me thinking…. What an awesome thematic cross-promotion it would be for EPCOT’s World Showcase to have a ‘Cars Showcase’ throughout each country. I know that EPCOT recently hosted the Pixar 25th Anniversary Weekend, but having a different car in each country and even detailing the always awe-inspiring architecture would be a great hook to get kids to take the walk around the lagoon.

This is what I thought of throughout the movie…3-D and all…

Brother Dillo


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