40 for 40

40 years ago today, Walt Disney World opened. I remember Betty White on a WDW special during the 15th Anniversary special talking about the traffic back up to get there. I’m sure it pales to the I-4 traffic these days. Since The Diz has been so essential in defining my love of ‘the experience’, I thought I would take the opportunity to share my 40 favorite ‘things’ about The Diz over the years – some old, some new, some attractions, some locations, some sights, some sounds – all of which continue to enhance my experience.

In no particular order…

1. The Emporium on Main Street U.S.A.
2. Muppetvision 4-D
3. The 1992 Cast of Streetmosphere at the Disney-MGM Studios
4. The Electrical Water Pageant on the Seven Seas Lagoon, circa 1985
5. Broadway at the Top, Contemporary Resort
6. Pineapple Dole Whip in Adventureland
7. Summit…Plummet
8. The Polynesian Village Resort lobby
9. Beaches & Cream
10. The nighttime view from the Boardwalk Resort’s boardwalk
11. The Image Works
12. Spaceship Earth narrated by Walter Cronkite
13. Late 80’s Illuminations with ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ lighting up The American Adventure
14. “Please slow down and do not strike the car ahead.”
15. The train running you down in Mr. Toad’s
16. Choose your own ending at Horizons
17. The Hoop Dee Doo Revue
18. Soarin’
19. The Adventurers Club on Pleasure Island
20. El Rio de Tempo – original and updated versions
21. The 3 mile monorail ride between EPCOT & the TTC
22. Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney
23. The Stargate Restaurant in Communicore West
24. The World Key Posts in EPCOT
25. Spectromagic
26. The Walt Disney World Railroad
27. Splash Mountain without the lap bar
28. Sleeping through the Hall of Presidents
29. WEDway Peoplemover
30. Future World lit in purples
31. The caves of Tom Sawyer’s Island
32. Pinnochio’s Village Haus
33. The geysers of the Wilderness Lodge
34. Catching the next Great Movie Ride tour guide sneak into their place at Anubis
35. Carousel of Progress
36. If You Had Wings (presented by Eastern)
37. The quiet pool of the Beach Club Resort
38. Drinking around the World Showcase
39. Pirates of the Caribbean (with or without Sparrow)
40. Christmas in the parks… in the resorts… everywhere.



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