From Streetmosphere to Blood

I think the acting bug was always nagging at my brother, but I think it started biting him when MGM Studios opened and he was introduced to Streetmosphere.

It was exciting that a new park had opened in 1989 that centered around Hollywood, old and new. New rides to see, a new place added to our must-sees, but a lot of time was spent hanging out with and experiencing Streetmosphere. They even began recognizing us with all the trips we took.

Years later, my brother attended UCF and entertained at MGM…under a few different aliases. He studied Theater and eventually moved back to NY. Soon after, he started performing in a Renaissance Festival every summer. For those of you that may not know, these Festivals are where Streetmosphere was born. It was huge to see him finally doing what he had been enjoying as an outsider for so long.

Now, here we are in 2011 and he just wrapped producing a group in their show, Blood [By The Mummers], for the New York Musical Theatre Festival. Walking down Hollywood Boulevard and stopping to watch Streetmosphere aka “StreetMo” may be filler entertainment to some. But to others, it just may be a life changer.

Another way Disney makes dreams come true…cue magical music….

For more information on Blood or [By The Mummers], visit



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