Disney’s Service

Disney is known for their great Customer Service. It’s something others try to live up to, but often fall short. When visiting, it’s more unusual to encounter an unfriendly Castmember. This is usually the opposite at most other service oriented locations.

Our flight was scheduled to land on Friday night at 8:30. Taking a chance, we made reservations at the California Grill, in the Contemporary Resort, for 9:40 pm.

Our flight landed at 9:35 and we were sure we would lose out on our reservation. By the time we got off of the plane, drove to Disney and got up to the restaurant, it was 10:35. Already sad that we lost the chance of seeing Wishes from the Contemporary, we were then told the kitchen closed at 10:15. The Castmember went to talk to his manager to see if there was anything he could do.

Now comes the magical service of Disney: They sat us down, offered a full menu and we had Walter as a waiter (who was awesome) to top it off!

I cannot think of any other restaurant that would have done that for us. I was and was not surprised by this service. Disney knows how to treat their Guests right!



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