The 5 Senses of Disney

The smell of the Polynesian lobby, the sound of the fountains in Epcot, the feel of the warm night breeze, the taste of a Beaches and Cream cheeseburger and the sight of fireworks – is Disney’s magical secret just honing in on everyone’s senses?

Alot of my favorite memories and things of Disney are beyond the rides. The music I hear when I enter Epcot now brings me back to when I was going to work. When I eat at a restaurant – I have a story about a previous dining experience, who was there, what was said. Each hotel, theme park, store and ride has a specific smell. I could be thousands of miles away and get a hint of a smell and immediately relate it to something Disney.

Without our senses, even if we only had 1, would Disney be as magical?




One thought on “The 5 Senses of Disney

  1. I know what you mean JC. I used to bring an audio recorder with me in the parks, and I would just find somewhere quiet to sit and record 5-10 minutes of ambiance. One of my favorite recordings was taken between the Tomorrowland Terrace and the path which entered the main strip of Tomorrowland. It had all of the sounds of the TTA, and the tongue-in-cheek humorous Tomorrowland commentaries in the background. That was great to put on a continuous loop and listen to when I was missing WDW.

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