I Wish I Was Standing Right There


I recently came across this photo and my first thought was “I wish I was standing right there!”

Now to one just glancing at it-it’s nothing crazy. A girl coming back from the pool, waiting for the elevator at the Beach Club. I’ve talked about being able to “transport” to Disney easily and that’s what this picture does. The thought of standing in that exact spot can instantly put me in a better mood. I can smell that lobby, hear the sounds, imagine what’s being sold in the gift shop behind me and how much that gift shop has expanded since the picture was taken.

I am thankful for the pictures taken showing the Dillos growing up in Disney. I’m able to look back and have my memory jogged to times/places that have otherwise been placed in a Disney memory file in my brain.

No matter how busy you are or how fast you’re moving about Disney-don’t forget to stop and take a picture!

Sista Dillo


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