Even Though It’s Not Christmas…

The Dillos are big on Christmas. Despite the attempts of retailers, advertisements and sometimes Papa Dillo, Christmas season for us does not begin until Thanksgiving night. I say all of this, because writing a blog that is Christmas-esque, somewhat goes against our rule. However, I just came across some photos and how could I not share?

The first year that Brotha Dillo lived in Orlando, the rest of the Dillo fam did something unthinkable-we traveled elsewhere for Christmas. Our ritual of waking up in our own house, with our tree to open presents was officially changing. As the younger Sista Dillo, I didn’t really love the idea…but…of course memories were made.

On Christmas morning, Papa Dillo and I went into the Magic Kingdom. We were a little scared to do so since we knew the crowds would be crazy. This was also at a point where the Christmas parade was live and hosted by Regis Philbin and Joan London. We arrived to guests lining the streets waiting for the parade. After second guessing whether or not this was a good idea, we kept moving through. Weaving in and out of the crowd, we were eventually stopped to let the hosts past by. The attached pictures show Regis and Joan walking to their hosting seats. This was a thrill for me to be seeing celebrities on Christmas morning!

Papa Dillo and I decided not to join the others and wait for the parade. Instead, we decided to see how many rides we could get on. Who would’ve guessed that on Christmas morning, while a live, televised parade is going on, there would be plenty to see! There were no wait times and we were able to hop around, having the park practically to ourselves.

I would not advise visiting Disney World during the Holidays. Since then, I have been there on Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve and long weekends. All of which increase crowds and decrease chances of short wait times. I do wish the Christmas parade was still live, but I guess things can’t always stay the same.

By the way-who knew that about 18 years later (yikes), in 2012, Sista and Brotha Dillo would meet Regis at book signings….

Sista Dillo


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