May The 4th Be With You… And Also at The Diz.

On the day we say ‘May the Fourth Be With You’, we have now passed the six month mark where Disney has had the ‘Star Wars’ brand in the palm of their goldenrod hands. Over this time, the world has speculated on all sorts of scenarios from the J.J. Abrams run Episode VII and beyond, to the potential return of Luke, Han, & Leia, to potential spinoffs for Boba Fett, to theme park possibilities. I have thought on it, I have stewed on it, I have tried to get annoyed by it so (as the Jedi Academy may or may not do – I’ll wait until I have kids to judge).

Here within, are the things that have crossed my mind in six months time (one for each month)…

1)      At the Disney (Hollywood) Studios, the area from the Great Movie Ride to Star Tours becomes entirely ‘Star Wars’ related. This includes eliminating the American Idol Experience. The ABC Commissary becomes the Mos Eisley Cantina. The Great Movie Ride becomes themed in the style of the Trilogies (including live interaction with your alien driver and the Tusken Raiders that attack). If you want to stretch it and turn the New York portion of the Backlot into Coruscant… I’m fine with that.

2)      I don’t think you can name a resort the Death Star, but consider the possibilities.

3)      A third miniature golf course in the style of Endor’s Ewok Village

4)      Discovery Island in the middle of Bay Lake becomes Dagobah

5)      The Wonders of Life building in EPCOT becoming a Interplanetary Bazaar

6)      On May 4th, a ‘Music of Star Wars’ themed Illuminations.

Brother Dillo


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