Elsa? I Know You’re in There….But I’m Not Waiting

I’m spoiled. Back in my day characters were this accessible:

I know things have changed. I have seen the long lines, the fast passes for characters and the reduction of character breakfasts.

Recently I have been hearing that the wait times for Elsa and Anna are 300+ minutes and I wonder – who is waiting on that line? If you are reading this and you have done it, please let me know your reasoning. I’m sure it’s because your kids love ‘Frozen.’ I’m sure for some it’s because it’s your only trip to Disney and you don’t want to miss a thing. Maybe some of you are trying to get a picture with every character. This last one perhaps Brother Dillo can understand as he always tried to get the autograph of every character. 

Whatever your reason is, do you know how many other things can be done in Disney in 300 minutes? Rides, shows, parades, food, shopping, Mickey Ear ice cream treats, Dole Whip – the sky’s the limit!

I have always said there is no wrong way to do Disney. It’s whatever you want and you can make it as crazy or as relaxing as you want. But 300 minutes spent on a line for 5 seconds and a picture with two characters – aren’t there so many more memories you’d rather make than just this one?

Once again, let us reflect on the good ol’ days of accessible character meet and greets:

Sista Dillo


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