A Disney Baptism

A cleansing of the soul.

Liquid Nostalgia.

The true form of relaxation.

All of these terms describe one thing among the Dillos: The Beach Club Quiet Pool.

We’ve talked about why you should make time for the pool or a nap, including a picture of myself back in the day enjoying the Quiet Pool. And you know by now the Dillos are big on the cleansing of the Quiet Pool and from Disney in general. So why wouldn’t I choose the Quiet Pool to Baptise my son?

This Baptism (non-religious) was of course just overseen by my husband and myself back in November. We dipped his feet in as his first experience with the Quiet Pool. His first experience of the cleanse. His first experience of the relaxation, after all-it’s tough being a 5 month old!

If we are lucky enough to raise him and hopefully one day a sibling for him, the same way the Dillos were raised – his feet will be in that pool many more times!


Sista Dillo


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