S1E7: Step-by-Step(WDW) with the Dillos


Author of Walt Disney World Step-by-Step 2019; A Common-Sense Planning Guide, Sarah Hina, joins Jen & Frank to discuss her hot off the presses (and $4.99 on the Kindle) book!

Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Intro/Outro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

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Walt Disney World Step-by-Step 2019; A Common-Sense Planning Guide by Sarah Hina from Theme Park Press.

The Step by Step WDW Website.

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S1E6: Drive Time with the Dillos


This Week! Jen & Frank volley to serve our friends @MorningMonorail and hear live drive time recordings from our trip on November 2nd & 3rd.

We apologize for any inconvenience regarding sound quality at certain moments on our travels.

@DillosDiz Food & Wine Festival discussion was brought to you courtesy of Dream Giveaways Unlimited!

Theme & ‘Young Hank’ composed by Matt Harvey.

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S1E4: Planning 30 Hours with the Dillos


Hot takes on ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘Hocus Pocus’, and the Headless Horseman, a challenge for the Monday Morning Monorail Podcast, even more birthday talk, and setting the table for 30 hours in Walt Disney World the first weekend of November.

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Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Intro & Outro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

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Tomorrow’s Blog: ’1992Mania’

If you listened to the most recent edition of Theme Park Thursday with Dillo’s Diz, one of the Dillos (NO SPOILERS) found themselves surprised. Needless to say, the next couple of episodes will be focused on how much of Walt Disney World can be conquered in a minimal amount of time.

One thing is for sure… this will not be the time for the Dillos to have a go at the Parkeology Challenge. We are BIG fans of the all-attractions-in-one-day craze that some of the biggest Disney fans are attempting but, we suspect we won’t see the ever present light of the Animal Kingdom the first weekend of November.

This led me to ponder, what would be something the Dillos would do that could be in the spirit of Parkeology, but not the Parkeology Challenge?

Enter ‘1992Mania’.

The ‘Mania’ due to my penchant for professional wrestling.

When we were doing Theme Park Thursday on The Improviser’s Guide Podcast earlier this year Mr. Snydillo (with Mrs. Dillo) was a guest, giving us the what for after the shocking twist that was us not liking the Animal Kingdom too much. Mr. Snydillo then implied that we two of Dillo’s Diz like nothing that was introduced to Walt Disney World after 1992.

This is not a true statement, of course (though not confirmed by Fact Checker Mel Dale). Tower of Terror, the Boardwalk, the March of the First Order… all introduced after 1992!!! Those are just a few examples.

And… Summit. Plummet.

Do I think we will attempt ‘1992Mania’ in two weeks time? I know not. But it is something that will be up for discussion on the 10/25 edition of Theme Park Thursday with Dillo’s Diz! For now, enjoy our growing list of attractions from 1992 and earlier – let us know what we’re missing or inaccurate on!

Brother Dillo

1992Mania by @DillosDiz

It’s a Small World
Peter Pan’s Flight
WDW Railroad
Jungle Cruise
Pirates of the Caribbean
Haunted Mansion
Thunder Mountain
Splash Mountain
Space Mountain
Tomorrowland Speedway
Spaceship Earth
Listen to the Land
Star Tours
MuppetVision 3D
Tom Sawyer Raft
Main Street Trolley/Fire Engine/Omnibus

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Carousel of Progress
Hall of Presidents
Country Bear Jamboree
Enchanted Tiki Room
O Canada
Impressions de France
American Adventure
Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
Voyage of the Little Mermaid

S1E3: Scaring (& Surprising) the Dillos


The Aladdin Teaser & MTV, Mr. Bean & HHN, Spaceship Earth & E-P-C-O-T, Minute Maid & VOLM, a Triple Mountain Whammy… all of this, fact checker Mel Dale, and a surprise for one of the Dillos!

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Themes composed by Matt Harvey.

Intro/Outro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

@DillosDiz are Jen & Frank!

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If you’re late to the party, the price of Annual Passes increased today at the Walt Disney Resort.

In looking at the prices, I would need to save $13.67 per day between now and the expiration of two AP’s to cover without taking a slippery slope into credit card debt land… what do I do?

What. Do. I. Do?

When you consider that six days of parking (as a non-Resort guest, now $25) and the Memory Maker knocks off about $300 of that cost, it’s still a deal if you can get to the park for the number of days equivalent to the remainder… never mind the additional dining/merchandise discounts in this scenario.

The question remains… will we renew? Can we renew?


What say you?

What are your plans with the AP increase?

What do you do to justify your renewal?

Do you put $13.67 in a glass jar and hope for the best in 4 months?

Comment below or Tweet @DillosDiz!

Brother Dillo

Tomorrow’s Blog: Come Hang Out with Us!

If you listened to the latest edition of Theme Park Thursday with @DillosDiz, you know that we have purchased our tickets here in NYC and will be visiting the Mickey: The True Original Exhibition on Saturday November 17th, at 11:40am.

Yes, you do purchase tickets for such specific time frames.

We know that this is one day prior to #Mickeys90th but the availability might be a little tighter on the 18th. The podcastin plan would be to talk about the exhibition on the episode scheduled to be released on Thanksgiving, but we’re likely to release it sooner due to holiday travel… not ours, we want you to be listening on your car rides!

I’m personally looking forward to rewatching a lot of classic Mickey shorts between now and then, maybe a little Fantasia (Sister Dillo will tell you it’s a little too early to be watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol), and I wouldn’t be surprised if we discussed some of our favorites on the November 15th edition of Theme Park Thursday w/ @ DillosDiz.

If you’re in the tri-state area, we hope you consider coming out that Saturday morning to hang with us, talk about the Mouse, and discuss what new Hallmark Christmas movie will be debuting that evening while one of us (not me) covers her ears and says ‘la-la-la no Christmas until Thanksgiving night’.

Also, for those of you concerned for my well being during this, the month of October, aka my birthday month… well maybe – MAYBE – based on my suggestion to rebrand Holidays Around the World to fall in line with all the festivals… Maybe ‘Winter Festivals Around the World’???

No… no… anybody? Yeah, I know.

Brother Dillo

S1E2: Drinking Around with the Dillos


A deeper examination about this year’s Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT instead leads to discussions about 1st Walt Disney World drinks, the sideways world on LOST, Hallmark Christmas movies, ‘About Time’, Jen explaining Frank’s October state of being, the Wonders of Life, and where you can hang out with @DillosDiz in November!

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Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Intro/Outro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

Theme Park Thursday with @DillosDiz is a part of The Improviser’s Guide Network!

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The Disney Breeze

Ah the Disney breeze. You may think we’re crazy for talking about a breeze in Disney World. I mean there are attractions to experience, shows to watch and food to eat. So why would we be talking about a breeze?

Because. It’s. Magical.

On yesterday’s Theme Park Thursday episode, our Fact Checker, Mel asked us about our first Disney breeze memory. It’s hard to pinpoint since it’s become such a part of our Disney vacations. We’ve felt the breeze during fireworks, walking around a resort at night and even drinking around the world on a beautiful Fall day. It’s relaxing and something that can only be experienced on property.

But! If you’d like to hear our answers, be sure to tune into yesterday’s episode. You can subscribe on Apple and Stitcher. Click here to listen on Libsyn.