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Tomorrow’s Blog: Early Picks for Late October

If you listened to the most recent episode of the Theme Park Thursday podcast, it was revealed that one of us purchased a plane ticket to Orlando for a weekend in late October… 2020. #NoSpoilers for who bought the ticket but, let it be known, this trip actually coming to fruition in 4 months sits uncomfortably at about 17.5%.

That being said, the planning inside the mind has begun. This blog shares some early favorites for making the where-to-go/what-to-do list, and is based on the following assumptions:

1. One of the 4 main Walt Disney World parks will not be visited.

2. A Walt Disney World Resort reservation will not be made.

3. Visiting Restaurants/Bars/Shops that have never been visited or trying longtime favorites for the first time by the one of us who has that plane ticket.

Of course, ALL of these choices are based on the current state of affairs (no current WDW reservation – no current AP) and can change as soon as Disney wants to flip that switch.

Here within, 5 picks…

1. Drinking a Lapu Lapu: a Kona Cafe or Ohana reservation would be required to get a whiff of the Polynesian lobby, but a pre or post meal rum treat at Tambu Lounge would need to be part of this mix.

2. Morimoto’s/Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’: two Disney Springs restaurants on the Must-Do list since they opened – two Disney Springs restaurants yet to be tried. Looking for a potential daily double here – one for apps, one for the meal… unless swayed otherwise.

3. Boma – The elusive part of the Animal Kingdom Lodge trifecta of deliciousness, along with Sanaa & Jiko. This might be a cut if buffet’s go the way of the dodo.

4. Abracadabar – this might be a giveaway as to who has the plane ticket, since the other has blogged about their time here previously. This is a catalyst to a night on the Boardwalk and a visit to Jellyrolls to visit Scotty Kilwein…. which I guess means a reservation at Flyin’ Fish? ESPN for wings? Big River?

5. Trail’s End – an excuse to visit the Bay Lake side of Fort Wilderness for the first time in a hundred years and enjoy some Fried Chicken.

Would love to hear thoughts/suggestions/additions. None of these, much like this entire trip, are currently set in stone! Specific menu items are also welcome, even if they’re in Dillo favorite locations.

TOMORROW’S BLOG: Top 10 Dick Tracy Rogues

If you listened to Thursday June 18th’s Theme Park Thursday podcast, you heard Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist John Caglione Jr. talk about his experiences with Dick Tracy. Warren Beatty marches out a litany of fantastic villains from Chester Gould’s world throughout the film, which celebrates its 30th Anniversary in theaters this week. Here within, my top ten rogues from the 1990 wonder under the category of ‘unified concept’.

10. Breathless Mahoney – the femme fatale played by Madonna took more critical flack than she probably deserved. Peak MTV,
Blonde Ambition, come on and Vogue, Madonna.

9. Little Face – his part was smaller that his features.

8. Influence – the sinister look is etched on my brain. His role in the film is not.
7. Pruneface – John Caglione Jr. has a great anecdote about casting the character on the TPT podcast.
6. 88 Keys – I was on a Mandy Patinkin kick in the early 90’s. Loved the depth of such a small but crucial role here, and the Sondheim penned duet with Madonna (‘What Can You Lose’) is an all time favorite of mine.
5. D.A. Fletcher – I think Dick Van Dyke is brilliant here.
4. Big Boy Caprice – all Al Pacino impersonators must start here.
3. Mumbles – ‘89/‘90 I was on a Dustin Hoffman kick. And I’m 100% convinced that if this film was actually made during the 1930’s, Stan Laurel would have won an Oscar.
2. The Brow – does this character have any business being number two considering his fate in the opening scene? No. But, boy, did I love this look leading up to the movie’s release.
1. Flattop – the character whose look captured my imagination in the trailers and ads leading up to seeing the movie opening day. Helped define ‘The World of the Play’. Heartbroken by his place in the climactic shootout.

Tomorrow’s Blog: Free (The S2E47 Postgame)

On the June 11th episode of the Theme Park Thursday podcast, we were so excited to have All New Mickey Mouse Club Member Chasen Hampton to talk about everything from filming at #AlwaysMGM before the Studios opened in 1989 to the 30th Anniversary of The Party!

Because my brain works weird, I compared The Party’s first three albums to a three act story familiar in dramatic storytelling. The debut album was the introduction, ‘In the Meantime, In Between Time’ was the height of the action, and ‘Free’ was the climax – where the players involved are left with a new sense of who they really are.

‘To get out and fly.’

Chasen talked about the development of ‘Free’ and how working on the album broadened their horizons. #NoSpoilers – give the episode a listen!

I mentioned during the episode that I was working at a Sam Goody when ‘Free’ was released. For those of you who don’t know, Sam Goody was a ‘record store’ that sold compact discs, cassettes, and videos.

It was a different time.

The album was released August 25, 1992, a week before I started college. I referenced (more than I would have liked) playing baseball throughout high school (it was my only way to get back on point I think lol) and that playing ball was the main reason I was going to college.

But, I knew that it was time to move on from playing baseball.

‘Trying to live my life this way, it’s hard to get excited.’

‘Free’ became an anthem of sorts for me during the Fall of 1992, as I finally was able to move away from the sport that I felt was all I really knew, into a new college, and into a new school where I could take some theatre classes.

That choice led to me having a new sense of who I really was. And I felt Free.

‘To do whatever I want to.’

Thanks for reading – Frank

S2E46: A Hollywood Public Works Reunion


On this episode of Theme Park Thursday, Frank and Jen bring together three past performers from the now-defunct Hollywood Public Works crew at #AlwaysMGM. Tony Lopez, Joe Wesson and A. Ali Flores recollect their time together on Hollywood Boulevard including casting, rehearsing, favorite bits, and interacting with the audience. Listen to hear these three favorite Citizens of Hollywood as they cook with gas!

Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Intro/Outro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

The @DillosDiz Fact Checker IS Mel Dale!


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S2E45: Disney DIY with Erica Terry


On this episode of Theme Park Thursday with Dillo’s Diz, YouTuber Erica Terry talks to Frank and Jen about incorporating Disney to DIY projects! Plus, this little thing about the Walt Disney World theme parks reopening…

Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Intro/Outro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

The @DillosDiz Fact Checker IS Mel Dale!!!


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S2E44: Q and A and FOREVER 44


On this week’s episode, Jen & Frank answer some questions asked on @DillosDiz‘ Twitter and Instagram, including an onslaught from their Fact Checker Mel Dale! Plus, hear what happened at the 1st ever meeting of The Forever 44 Fedora Club.

Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Intro/Outro composed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

The @DillosDiz Fact Checker IS STILL Mel Dale.


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The Forever 44 Fedora Club: Meeting the 1st

Back in December of 2019, while not staying on topic during a podcast episode of Theme Park Thursday, Frank and Jen created The Forever 44 Fedora Club.

Was it a response to Club 33?

Was it a ‘Forever?’ MuppetVision 3D reference? (Get the tee shirt at our TeePublic store, #cheapplug)

Was it because Frank always wears a fedora because he thinks he looks best wearing one and also because of his deep affection for Streetmosphere at #AlwaysMGM?

Was it because, at this time last year, Frank was determined to be forever the age of 44, refusing to acknowledge at 45 or beyond for all time but that all changed when Papa Dillo bought him a plane ticket to the Galaxy’s Edge opening for his birthday?

The answer is kinda sorta yes to all of these.

On Thursday May 14th, 2020, the 1st ever meeting of The Forever 44 Fedora Club took place at 9:30 in the evening on YouTube. Moderated by Jen (heretofore at these meetings known as ‘Judge Jen’), Several were in attendance via the stream or commenting along the way.

Side note: Appearing on the stream is by member request. Should 6 or more members request to be on the stream, we will determine how all can appear as Streamyard only allows for 6. Stay Tooned.

How do you get to be a member? You might be already! Have you asked us?!

‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ was discussed and Frank found himself reflecting on how pivotal the film was in maintaining his Disney fandom (as well as his appreciation for animation and Hollywood circa 1947).

We also announced the meal of the month, Cousin Meghan’s MeatLoaf ala the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, as constructed by the Disney Dishes Blog. The cocktail of the month (as there will always be one per the directive of Crown Prince Landon Doane) was debated between these three:

The Roger Rabbit

The Jessica Rabbit

The Scotty Tenple via Jellyrolls Facebook Page.

Check out the Live-stream HERE and join us via the FB GROUP!

Next Meeting will be held on June 18th where we will he discussing ‘Dick Tracy’

S2E43: Jellyrolls’ Scotty Kilwein


Since 2002, Scotty Kilwein has entertained Walt Disney World guests at the dueling piano bar, Jellyrolls. Scotty joins Jen and Frank to discuss his musical origin story, his journey to Disney’s Boardwalk landmark, and his awesome Facebook live-streams happening several times a week while we all stay at home!

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Theme composed by Matt Harvey

Intro and Outro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian

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S2E42: Dis ‘N’ That, pt. 2: Around the Disney Horn


In the second of two episodes, the Dis ‘N’ That crew (Dave, Zip, Steve, and Shep) join Frank and Jen to discuss their favorite Walt Disney World park, favorite resort, favorite bar/lounge, favorite meal. Plus, a round of AM/PM for good measure! Make sure to check them out every Wednesday at 9pm on YouTube!

Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

Intro and Outro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

The @DillosDiz Fact Checker IS Mel Dale.


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