La Hacienda de San Angel

On today’s podcast, I discussed La Hacienda de San Angel as one of my 3 favorite first time experiences from our Dillo Extravaganza last month. I promised you more details and pictures soooooooooooo

Drum roll please…

La Hacienda de San Angel


Boom. This is the view throughout the entire restaurant. World Showcase as your dining experience backdrop. You can see why this is an Illuminations Viewing location hot spot! Very few views within Walt Disney World compare in my opinion, except probably the California Grill.

Even better? The food is great!


Chips and Guac to start? Yes please!


Costillas en salsa de Chile

This was my hubby’s dinner pick and it was so good I wish I had gotten it.  Translation: Braised shorts ribs topped with Chimichurri (parsley, oregano, garlic, olive oil, vinegar) served with potato puree and chile de árbol sauce.


Luckily I chose a good pick as well!

Tacos de Camarones: Fried shrimp, Chipotle-lime aioli, cabbage, lime and salsa verde, all served over flour tortillas.

Yummy Yummy Yummy!

Click here to check out more about La Hacienda de San Angel and their menu! Oh and bonus: you can also take a Margarita to go for your nighttime stroll around World Showcase!


Sister Dillo



Off With Their Heads: 5 Favorite Animatronics

The week of 1/29/18 saw Ursula on Voyage of The Little Mermaid in WDW and a Pirate in Disneyland Paris lose their animatronic pates in a rare bit of Diz coincidence. This made me pontificate my 5 favorite animatronics. A quick list:

Honorable Mention: Statler & Waldorf in MuppetVision. Recalling how cool it was to be in the same theater that had the heckling duo in the Balcony.

5. Hairy Leg at Pirates of the Caribbean – a classic and trailblazing all at the same time.

4. Manhole Man in EPCOT’s World of Motion. Speaking of heads, the button of the most memorable scene of this pre Test Track Dark Ride.

3. The British Guard on the left just as you enter It’s a Small World… I always make sure to say hello.

2. Cousin Orville in the Carousel of Progress… I actually love all the characters on this ride. Even if I prefer ‘Now is the Best Time’ to ‘Grey Big Beautiful Tomorrow’.

1. The Wicked Witch of the West on The Great Movie Ride… hit her mark every time.

Who are some of your favorites? Comment or Tweet @DillosDiz!

Brother Dillo

Podcast Previews and Disney Security

We recently released a preview of our upcoming podcast! Beginning on Thursday, February 1st, DillosDiz will be taking over The Improviser’s Guide Podcast for Theme Park Thursdays!

If you missed it, listen to our sneak preview HERE! And don’t forget to subscribe to The Improviser’s Guide Podcast HERE!

During our sneak preview we discussed the rumors regarding discontinuing Monorail Service. If you listened, you would know that I am adamantly against this idea. Hopefully it is in fact, just a rumor!

Since this podcast is literally just the Dillos having a conversation, I tend not to do too much research beforehand. We like to stay true to the name of the podcast and….IMPROVISE!

I questioned that if they discontinued the monorail, what would that mean for security? Disney recently set up security checkpoints at the Transportation and Ticket Center and Monorail Resorts for those guests traveling via Boat or Monorail. While thinking things through out loud, I asked how it was set up for buses, since I had not taken a Disney bus in a few years. Thanks to some recent googling, I see that those traveling by bus still go through security upon arrival at the Magic Kingdom.

All that to say, IF they did discontinue the monorail, they would probably need to put security back at the entrance of Magic Kingdom and go back to the same congestion issues they were moving away from.

I just wanted to answer any questions I ask out loud on the podcast for myself and anyone else wondering the same things. And to once again say: Do Not Get Rid of the Monorail DISNEY!

Thank you for your time regarding this very important matter.

-Sister Dillo


Our Podcast Announcement

It’s happening!

We are diving into the world of podcasting! After a tribute episode to The Great Movie Ride last August, we’ve decided to add a weekly chat to Brother Dillo’s podcast The Improviser’s Guide. We’ll center on a topic/subject each week on ‘Theme Park Thursday’ – A Salute to All Theme Parks but mostly Walt Disney World.

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Phasma Foreshadowing

The Dillos did something at the start of 2018 that they had not done this entire decade. They experienced a WDW vacation together. Stay tuned for ALL the updates forthcoming.


When Disney’s Hollywood Studios was Disney-MGM Studios (who are we kidding, it’s still MGM, #AlwaysMGM), I was a cast member when Star Wars Weekends was launched. The dream was to be able to get myself into stormtrooper gear (it’s not a spoiler that human lifeforms are underneath stormtrooper gear, right). Alas, this was a but a fleeting dream for a variety of reasons.

We spent an evening and a morning at the Studios during our week long sojourn and I saw the former Imperial now First Order troops… A LOT. Patrolling the Star Wars Launch Bay during the Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party (future blogs and more forthcoming), patrolling the Animation Courtyard by day (much like the Toy Story Green Army Men did twenty years ago). And, of course, falling in line behind Captain Phasma up and down Hollywood Boulevard multiple times a day during the March of the First Order.

I could make an argument – if I wanted to – that this march is the single greatest ‘happening’ in any of the four WDW theme parks right now.


Because I’m a Star Wars nerd? No.


Because this is a glimpse of the future.

First and foremost, I will say this march is the most focused ‘parade’ on property. This is what lures you in. This is a dedicated march. It never detracts from the norm. Never seen a Stormtrooper go into business for themselves (one Green Army Man in a 1996 Toy Story Parade may have struggled with this from time to time).

“Really, Brother Dillo… it’s just a march.”

I am aware. The music with the visual. It’s a homerun. Like that video (or is it a meme – I don’t know) of Darth Vader hitting a shot in the domed stadium…

I digress.

Bottom line is, Captain Phasma’s awesomely led march is a precursor to what 2019 will be when guests from far and wide get to experience the planet Batuu at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Add in the incoming Star Wars themed resort/immersive experience.

As much as they are the villains, the March of the First Order gives you hope.

…until you experience that five hour Millennium Falcon Ride wait time.

Brother Dillo

Side (Main) Street Immersion

The Dillos did something at the start of 2018 that they had not done this entire decade. They experienced a WDW vacation together. Stay tuned for ALL the updates forthcoming.


One of the goals of my Diz trips, whether a quick two day excursion or a week long with an almost two year old who you give your focus to, is to take a little time to stop an take in my surroundings. EPCOT at night (the fountains!), standing on Hollywood Boulevard (the sounds of the traffic signal!), sitting back on the Peoplemover are all past examples where I try to take that opportunity.

On the final day of our trip, we marathoned morning to night at the Magic Kingdom. Said two year old surprised us all and took her longest nap of the week (was the ambient noise of the park a little too familiar for this NYC kid?). The final leg of the nap we found ourselves on the east side street of Main Street USA, and this is where I got to take a little bit of that time in an unexpected location.

When I was eleven, I spent a day doing one of the kid friendly behind the scenes tours of WDW. I received sketches from an artist, saw the utilidors for the first time, and received a history lesson in the second story windows throughout the “opening credits” of the Magic Kingdom.

Even on most recent trips where we sat curbside eating foot longs from Casey’s Corner, I didn’t spend the time I should have re-familiarizing myself with the imagineers, the legends, the pioneers behind the happiest place on earth.

If you get the opportunity, check out the (small but) fantastic book, ‘Windows on Main Street’ by Chuck Snyder, for a thorough guide to the names behind these very deserving acknowledgements.

And if you’re wondering if this location is an optimal nap location for your toddler… depends on the number and energy level of children discovering the scavenger hunt based Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom spot.

Brother Dillo


(No) Cash Money at the AK Lodge

The Dillos did something at the start of 2018 that they had not done this entire decade. They experienced a WDW vacation together. Stay tuned for ALL the updates forthcoming.


There was certifiable shock on my face this morning when I looked up when the Animal Kingdom Lodge… 2001?!?!!!!

17 years ago!

15 months removed from when I left Orlando.

And, until the first week of January 2018, I had never been.

Disney fanatical fail.

The word making the rounds on 1/17/18 is that the AK Lodge, and specifically the Jambo House, will test a cashless system. Magic bands, credit cards, debit cards… yes. Cash – no.

What about my Disney Dollars? I know that they are now defunct, but they’re not technically cash.

This will be a curious test run and perhaps another big change in the future to how guests vacation. I know, personally, that I use cash less than 20% of the time now and my credit card statement suffers for it. I want to go in the opposite direction. But, the temptation of convenience at the Diz is far too great, particularly in the Magic Band era.

Also, I know that there are many, many people who don’t want to be big brothered. Living in NY, I can tell you that there is a great amount of people who sat in the cash lane at toll plazas rather than using an EZ pass for this very reason. I know those people are none too happy to have their license plates photographed now.

Keep an eye out on this test run and get yourself a Disney Visa and Disney Rewards card now!

Brother Dillo