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BONUS: Jen Took (Another) Diz Trip, part one

Released Sep 20, 2018

On this BONUS edition of Theme Park Thursday w/ @DillosDiz… the first of two parts… like a two part series finale before spinning off into its own podcasting entity.


Episode 100: The (airquote) HUGE Announcement

Released Sep 13, 2018

It. Has. Happened! @DillosDiz has 1000 Followers on the ol’Twitter! In June, Jen & Frank announced (well, just Frank really) that, should @DillosDiz reach 1000 Followers by the 100th episode of The Improviser’s Guide Podcast, there would be a HUGE announcement. That announcement takes place during this episode!


Episode 96: The Great Space Coast(er)

Released Sept 6, 2018

Frank is off to one of the two Florida coasts which means he needs to sneak in as much Disney time as he can without it being too much Disney and without it being sneaky.


Episode 92: Beaches & Disney

Released Aug 23, 2018

Frank is off to one of the two Florida coasts which means he needs to sneak in as much Disney time as he can without it being too much Disney and without it being sneaky.


Episode 88: Vibing Parkeology

Released Aug 16, 2018

A big reveal jump starts this week’s edition of Theme Park Thursday on The Improviser’s Guide Podcast. Following a featured article in the Wall Street Journal on August 8th, Jen & Frank examine the Parkeology Challenge; understanding it, the implausibility.


Episode 84: WAFFLES!

Released Aug 09, 2018

This week’s edition of Theme Park Thursday with @DillosDiz is random and loaded with self-judgment. Jen & Frank discuss AC (it’s a heat wave!), AP’s, IP’s, Streaming Services, & EXCITEMENT!


Episode 80: Put on Your Bathing Suit (When You Feel Down & Hot)

Released Aug 02, 2018

On this week’s edition of Theme Park Thursday with @DillosDiz, Jen & Frank discuss WDW’s two water parks, Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach.


BONUS: The @DillosDiz Q&A!

Released Jul 26, 2018

Jen & Frank answer a slew of questions from their social media Disney family on this BONUS edition of Theme Park Thursday w/ @DillosDiz.


Episode 76: That Sweet Sweet WDW AC 

Released Jul 19, 2018

Midsummer in Central Florida. The 3 H’s: Hot, Humid, & Hellfire. Hence, the great glory that is the Walt Disney World air conditioning… In the resorts. On the attractions. While you shop.


Episode 72: 5th of July Wishes

Released Jul 05, 2018

WISHES! WISHES! Jen & Frank are back for another edition of Theme Park Thursday w/ @DillosDiz. On this episode, they live watch the nighttime spectacular Wishes’ finale


Episode 70: The Mania of Toy Story (Part 3 of 3)

Released Jun 28, 2018

The Grand Finale of @DillosDiz‘ Three Part Series leading up to the opening of Toy Story Land has arrived! This week, Jen & Frank talk about the Disney-MGM Studios Toy Story Parade which ran from November 1995 – June 2017… Is it the greatest Studios parade ever? Is it the greatest daytime parade ever? If you say you have troubles, do I have them too? And a challenge is issued to comic book author and Disney Parks music impresario Mel Dale.


Episode 68: The Mania of Toy Story (Part 2 of 3)  Released Jun 14, 2018

Jen & Frank introduce themselves… And are clearly a #TeamWoody family. This week’s edition of Theme Park, the second of a three part build towards the opening of Toy Story Land! They focus on the characters, those characters’ theme park beginnings, meet and greets, magical moments, and a slice of life working with the most iconic of Pixar characters back in the day.

Episode 64: The Mania of Toy Story (Part 1 of 3) Released Jun 14, 2018

Jen & Frank are back with the first of three parts leading up to the opening of Toy Story Land! In this episode, @DillosDiz talks about the attractions, dominantly Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin & Toy Story Mania, but with some love to If You Had Wings, If You Could Fly, Delta’s Dreamflight, the Disney-MGM Studios Backstage Tour, & Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – Play It!

SPECIAL EDITION, part deux: Jen Took a Diz Trip Released Jun 07, 2018

Jen has returned from her four night stay at the Walt Disney World Resort. Which of the Dillo’s favorites did she partake in?

Episode 60: Welcome Aboard! Released May 31, 2018

Jen is on her way to Walt Disney World this week, and Frank has prepared an inquisition! This week’s episode of Theme Park Thursday on The Improviser’s Guide Podcast will cool you off like unto a Disney breeze.

BONUS: Horizons Live Watch Released May 24, 2018

You voted for your @DillosDiz LIVE WATCH pick on Twitter and here it is in glorious BONUS episode form! The classic EPCOT Center attraction, Horizons (1983-1999) gets the treatment!

Episode 56: Burning Questions & Answers & Dragons: Released May 17, 2018

Please pardon our pixie dust! Due to New York City inclement weather, this recording may sound like the wildest ride in the wilderness. Jen & Frank discuss some recent news items, both in WDW and at home. Plus, @DillosDiz answers some Twitter questions from some of their favorite followers!

Episode 52: Menken Music: Released May 10, 2018

The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Tangled… Jen & Frank (aka @DillosDiz) explore the Disney musical works of legendary composer Alan Menken, and whether his compositions are given their collective due within the Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

BONUS: In Defense of the Animal Kingdom: Released May 02, 2018

This BONUS edition of Theme Park Thursday with @DillosDiz follows up on Episode 48, “celebrating” Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 20th Anniversary. The two very special guests on this feature take Frank & Jen to task following that episode.

Episode 48: Celebrating Animal Kingdom at 20: Released Apr 26, 2018

Disney’s Animal Kingdom turned 20 on Sunday April 22nd. On this episode of Theme Park Thursday w/ @DillosDiz, Jen & Frank talk about the passage of time (OLD!), the wait times of Flight of Passage (long!), and where the AK sits on our list of favorite Orlando theme parks.

Episode 44: In the Music, Music, Music, Music Room: Released Apr 19, 2018

Mel Dale was featured in this week’s IT’S [Talk] TUESDAY episode of TIG (Episode 42), and makes a return appearance on Theme Park Thursday with @DillosDiz. We talk Tikis, Music Loops, Attraction Cynicism, & more!

Episode 40: The Crossroads: Released Apr 12, 2018

The end of the Crossroads at Hotel Plaza Boulevard and State Road 535 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida is nigh! This nostalgic reflection of a shopping plaza references ‘Junk Food Lane’, angry mini golf excursions, Jungle Jim’s, ketchup AND mustard on cheeseburgers.

BONUS! Disney Pixar Movie Bracket Madness: Released Apr 05, 2018

March Madness is over and April showers have arrived! @Jenillo & @FrankMCardillo discuss the social media frenzy(?) that was Disney Pixar fans filling out and posting their favorite movie choices. Check out our Instagram, then play and listen along!

Episode 36: (Less Than) 10 Glorious March News Stories: Released Mar 29, 2018

Jen returns to Theme Park Thursday and @DillosDiz discusses the major March happenings! The Electrical Water Pageant, Baby Animal, #Goals, & more!!!

Episode 32: The Days of Universal Yore & Lore: Released Mar 22, 2018

Theme Park Thursday w/ @DillosDiz likes to call itself “a salute to all theme parks, but mostly Walt Disney World”. On this episode, Joe Regan – he of the Hamlet Isn’t Dead production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ in #NYC – talks about the deceased attractions of Universal Orlando, as well as the future of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Episode 28: Be Our Guest Service: Released Mar 15, 2018

@FrankMCardillo was a Cast Member. @Jenillo was a Third Party Business Partner (or something like that). On this episode, @DillosDiz discusses their experiences with Disney Guest Service over the past four decades (??? !!! ::crying emoticon::). Our recommended read of the week would be ‘Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service’. \

Episode 24: AM or PM? Play Along!: Released Mar 08, 2018

Jen & Frank (aka @DillosDiz) partake in the 1st game of the six week Theme Park Thursday history on The Improviser’s Guide Podcast. Play along to see whether you’re a daytime or nighttime Walt Disney World lover.

Episode 20: 10 Glorious Minute & a Half News Stories (Feb. 2018): Released Mar 01, 2018

Jen & Frank review the Top 10 Disney Parks related news stories for February 2018, including Ticket Prices, Paris & Piers, Red Dress Scene Changes, & More!

Episode 16: May the Force Be Happily Ever Desserts: Released Feb 22, 2018

Jen & Frank (aka @DillosDiz) engage in an epic lightsaber duel. It’s the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party vs. the Happily Ever After Dessert Party… And it’s not so much epic as it is Episode IV Kenobi v Vader. So give the episode a listen and Dillo’s Diz will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine…………

Episode 12: Magical Moonlight Serenade: Released Feb 15, 2018

Jen interviews her good friends David & Steve about recently attending the Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic event at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, while Frank goes on such a rant about a snowballing rumor that took over message boards and the twitterverse last week that he can’t even mention the name of the movie this gossip is referencing.

Episode 8: Wishes vs. Happily Ever After: Released Feb 08, 2018

@jenillo joins The Improviser’s Guide Podcast for Theme Park Thursday (#TPT ???) with @DillosDiz! The topic on the table for this week’s episode compares/contrasts the past two Magic Kingdom pyrotechnic displays of biblical proportions… It’s Wishes vs. Happily Ever After! PS – Please Pardon Our Pixie Dust (you’ll get it when you listen).

Episode 4: Our 3 Favorite, New, Best, 1st Time Experiences: Released Feb 01, 2018

@Jenillo joins the show each week for Theme Park Thursday with @DillosDiz. In January 2018, The Dillos went on a massive, week long, family vacation to Walt Disney World for the first time this decade. Taking a break from routine due to the number of children three and under involved, many first time WDW experiences were had. Both ‘Brother’ & ‘Sister Dillo’ pick their three favorite/best new/first time experiences.