Viva la FRANCE


Last week, following my two week, first time visit to Europe, Sista Dillo requested via the Twitter for a comparison between Italia and the World Showcase’s Italy. What resulted was a three part series, part one of which you can read here. My first part of call, however, was in France. Continue reading


ITALIA, parte tre


We go to EPCOT. We go to the World Showcase. We drink around the world. We love the Food & Wine. We love the environments. We love the BGM. We love the nostalgia. Continue reading

ITALIA, parte uno


Previously, on Twitter, Sista Dillo requested a comparison of the Italian Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase to the three ports in Italia I recently visited (Roma / Firenzia (Florence) / Salerno & the Amalfi Coast) – Qui andiamo!

That means “Here we go’!

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A Dream Into a WDW “Classic”

That awkward moment when you go through your blog directory and realize you never published one from 15 months ago…. Continue reading