Diz Paris: One Year Later, part three

a diz 1The term dark ride seems so insider, like I know something the rest of you don’t. Does this mean the ride is not for kids? That the ride is shut down?

No, it’s just indoors. Continue reading


Diz Paris: One Year Later, part two

diz paris 4
If you were a child of the 80’s, you know that Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom has undergone a major attendance shift. When we were kids, you could go on Peter Pan’s Flight more than once and not have it take half a day. You could have the bejesus scared out of you on Snow White’s Scary Adventures – in fact, once I went on that ride at age 6, I never rode it again until age 18. You can also take a moment to lament on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, but that is so late 90’s (it’s ok, I still lament). You could eat a cheeseburger at Pinocchio’s Village Haus and wave at guests riding It’s a Small World. Continue reading

28 Hours of Diz: Hours 2 & 3 – New Fantasyland




It had been 34 months since I had crossed under the Walt Disney Railroad tunnel and into the Magic Kingdom. Our time was limited and, for the most part, I was in the park for observation. I had not yet seen any of the New Fantasyland updates. 

And now I would. Continue reading