The Beach Club at 25: Happy Birthday!

Something I haven’t talked about before is my favorite alarm clock in Disney World. The best sound to wake up to is that of the Friendship Boats while sleeping in your Beach Club bed.

As Brother Dillo blogged previously in: The Beach Club at 25, “Within two years, the Beach Club Resort would surpass the Polynesian as the favorite Dillo Resort (perhaps Sista Dillo thinks that’s a bold statement).”

Bold? Perhaps. But somewhat true.

For me, The Beach Club Resort represents the second half of my Disney vacationing life. The Polynesian represents the first. These two hotels made us fall in love with Disney, with Deluxe resorts and of course, spoiled us for life.

We can walk past The Beach Club and point out which rooms we stayed in. We can tell you about the corner room right next the quiet pool that was probably our favorite because…um, it was next to the quiet pool! We could leave our room through our patio doors and there we would be. We can also tell you how we were sad to see the shrubbery that was planted because it meant that future guests of that room couldn’t do the same.

We can tell you about celebrities we shared the elevator with, the ones we walked behind and the pictures  that hung on the wall of Beaches and Cream of all those that stayed there.

Time out for Fun Facts:

  • You used to be able to see MGM from the back of the Beach Club!
  • It took me years to go down the slide in Stormalong Bay.
  • The air conditioning of the lobby…I mean come on.

Beaches and Cream used to connect directly to the game room. We could play basketball and knock hockey and then walk right through for some burgers and ice cream. Now you have to go outside and back in again (its the little things we miss).

We have blogged many times of the serenity of the quiet pool. The place of baptism for my son (Disney baptism). A body of water to cleanse our soul and breathe in the Disney air. A pool where our family came together and relaxed.

Dillos don’t love change and changes have been made at this resort that we don’t love. But it doesn’t take away our love for the resort.

Happy Birthday Beach Club Resort!

>Why You Should Make Time for the Pool or a Nap!Sista Dillo



28 Hours of The Diz: The Final Six Hours



I’ve been reading famed Disney Imagineer Marty Sklar’s book ‘Dream It! Do It!’ (this is a must for Diz lovers), and the the first thing that really caught my attention in it was how Halloween crowds were making a serious challenge to Christmas attendance numbers…

I’m not a Halloween guy. Halloween and my birthday are too close together so, when those two days approached as a kid – the excitement landed me with bronchitis. That ruined Halloween for me to this very day. I try to dress up and my costume doesn’t look the way I had hoped. I try to Trick or Treat and no gives me candy…

Wait, that’s not right.

Joking aside, this is the first time the Halloween decor at the Magic Kingdom and the Hallomerchandise all throughout the park and, the next day, at Downtown Disney, really made me take notice.



I mean, how could you not want Haunted Mansion ornamentation?

See, but I like ornaments… ones that go on a Christmas Tree. WDW at Christmas enhanced the season for me as a kid… and as a young adult (let’s just say I felt it was an honor that I got to ‘spend some time’ with Santa Goofy). The Main Street Christmas loop is a frequent selection in December.  That’s why Disney’s Days of Christmas is such a dangerous store for me. My apartment is Disneyfied just enough (even in my opinion) but, let’s be real, if you’re buying more Christmas decor you’re not going to get rid of your old Disney decor… There’s nostalgia in that!

I was also proud of myself for not buying this shirt…




Or this awesome Mad Hatter mug…


After hitting my Downtown Disney trifecta (Days of Christmas, Once Upon a Toy, World of Disney) it was off to the serene loop that is Disney’s Boardwalk and Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club. It was a college football Saturday, so the ESPN club was hopping so no boneless wings for me. It was off to Beaches & Cream for my favorite Chocolate Shake before heading to the airport and bringing our 28 Hours of The Diz to a close. That didn’t stop us from taking a good hour or so to enjoy this view…



Brother Dillo


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28 Hours of Diz: Hours 6 & 7 – Future World



Walking into EPCOT still has a big game feel. Spaceship Earth is so iconic that it can transport you to a time when the park was the hot new thing. Even if I had left my millennial legacy at the front of the park, I’m not sure I would be paying attention to it. The geosphere summons you the way Cinderella’s Castle does, the way The Great Movie Ride did, and (sadly) not the way The Tree of Life does.

It has been a long time since Mouse Gear was called Centorium, and yet this was the first time it really hit me that it was no longer such. In a previous blog I related the shop to the Magic Kingdom’s Emporium. On this trip I rated my favorite ‘character’ shops 1) Mouse Gear, 2) World of Disney, 3) Emporium. This was the first time the Emporium was not in the first spot (when applicable). The Mouse Gear taking that top spot reminded me just how good of a retail store it was, thus making me wish it was still called by the Centorium name.

Mission: Space is one of my wife’s favorites (I’m not sure there are many of you out there that can say that). And, though, I did not feel the angst of riding with all its intensity this time, I passed and let her fly solo. I felt the old dehydrated headache coming on and riding through the red planet would have me holding cold beers on my head rather than drinking them before I even the Food & Wining had commenced.

We took a stop in Club Cool. Lots of the usual beverages were unavailable. Thankfully the Italian form of Brontican was available. If you know me, you know why it’s worse for me than all the others who wince in taste.

We would hit the updated Test Track on the way out of the park, but first it was time to eat and drink around the world!

Well, after a stop and the fountain!


NEXT BLOG: Food and Wine and Food and… More Wine!


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